A day in the life of an
AVEVA™ Operations Control user

Explore three examples of how operations teams interact with AVEVA Operations Control throughout their daily activities.

Gain a clear perspective of your operations

AVEVA is pleased to offer the most comprehensive operations control software solutions, supporting teams of any size. Every operations team, whether on the plant floor, in the control room, or across the enterprise is empowered to do more, in alignment with one another.

Operations control software from AVEVA enables visualization, collaboration, and execution at every level of the organization, providing users with actionable information to guide better decisions in real time throughout their day, allowing them to excel and increase operational efficiency, reliability, and agility.

Build your foundation towards operational excellence.

  • Enable frontline teams that require local process monitoring and control at the asset, equipment, or line level with real-time knowledge and collaboration. Access critical information on the move, troubleshoot issues, document procedures, and communicate with peers digitally.
  • Centralize management of distributed operations or SCADA into a common asset model, driving standardization and operational awareness across teams. Improve operational visibility at scale with detailed, real-time data enriched with artificial intelligence (AI) and performance insights. Supervise resolutions to problem assets and drive consistency across shifts.
  • Converge IT, process, and engineering information aimed at visualizing your business from end to end, informing critical decisions and adjustments that directly impact your bottom line. Achieve an enterprise-wide view into multi-site operations, enabling higher levels of analytics and information correlation.

What is AVEVA Operations Control?

AVEVA Operations Control is a comprehensive, scalable solution to that enables HMI and supervisory visualization, seamless collaboration, manufacturing execution, and analytics capabilities as a combined subscription. Improve your operations from edge to enterprise with AVEVA Operations Control.