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AVEVA™ Operations Control user

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Visualize, collaborate and execute at every level—on the plant floor, in the control room or across the entire enterprise. AVEVA Operations Control provides you with actionable information so you can make better decisions in real time. The most comprehensive software control solutions increase your operational efficiency, reliability and agility.

Teams collaborate to optimize operations with:

  1. Operational visibility – Give each user visualization applications uniquely tailored to their role.
  2. Data analysis – Discover the next steps for your operations and troubleshoot issues with sound analysis of the correct data.
  3. Digital thread – Everyone can collaborate with the same information and make collective decisions confidently with compiled data sets and insights.
  4. Connected collaboration – Teams across all departments can use messages and shared content to collaborate and promote operational continuity.
  5. Coordinated micro-learning – Users can share knowledge and relevant skills on the job, reducing time away from operations and optimizing continuous learning.
  6. Vendor-agnostic integration – Purposeful industry-forward integration with a variety of AVEVA and third-party applications.

What is AVEVA Operations Control?

AVEVA Operations Control is a hybrid-cloud subscription to AVEVA’s comprehensive portfolio of world-class operations control software that is configurable to the unique size and needs of your business. It removes architectural limitations and connects teams to real-time data. It gives diverse teams at multiple sites comprehensive capabilities so they can reduce errors and achieve operational excellence.