Smarter Operations, Now and in the Future

Predictive Maintenance strategies for improved performance in Oil and Gas

The evolution of maintenance strategies. Using advanced pattern recognition and machine learning technology.

Moving to a Predictive Maintenance strategy helps asset intensive organizations increase asset performance, reliability and availability to ultimately maximize economic return.

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Smarter Maintenance

  • Whether the asset is an offshore pumping station, compressor, drilling rig, transportation equipment, pipeline booster station, or any other critical piece of equipment throughout the upstream, midstream and downstream processes, real-time health and performance insights can be used to influence decisions and actions that drive efficiencies and improve competitive advantage.

Health and Performance Optimization

  • Predictive asset analytics software solutions improve performance by providing early warning notification of equipment issues and potential failures.

Predictive Analytics

  • Using a predictive asset analytics solution in support of a PdM strategy can lead to the identification of issues that may not have been found otherwise.

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